Working one-on-one with adolescents to educate them is my ultimate goal. Discussions on how nutrients effect their mind, body and emotions are discussed. We talk about what types of foods fuel the body and how to stay energized throughout the day in order to keep energy levels up for practices and competition.

Each plan is individualized. After discussing the athletes’ workouts, practice schedules, competitions, school activities and leisure time, we holistically create a plan to eat for success. Depending on the adolescents’ schedules, we discuss quick neighborhood spots to pick up healthy bites, how to maneuver a school lunchroom, how to make healthy snack choices, how to stay hydrated and quick breakfasts to grab and go.
There is also a mindfulness aspect to this which, is the way we often  begin,  as well as discussing balance, the effect caffeine has on their bodies, sugar, vitamins and how certain foods make them feel.
Another service offered involves entering the home and reorganizing meal time and the refrigerator/pantry. We discuss healthy alternatives with parents and how to make easy on-the-go meals for busy kids in addition to the importance of, if possible, family meal time.
Nutrition Counseling and Meal Planning can be an individual service or come as a package with other services.