The success of a person is largely due to how much effort, drive and confidence one has in his or her ability.

Elizabeth’s work involves sports, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, confidence building and athletics. Elizabeth works with children and adolescents, ages 5-19 on a variety of levels and  in serval different areas. She enjoys working with high intensity athletes looking for a leg up, in addition to those who need some extra help with a particular area of their sport or activity. Her interests also include working with kids and parents interested in learning ways to make being active fun, being more present and mindful at school and during sports/fitness and finding fun programs in and outside of New York to help support sport and movement endeavors. Meal planning at home and for the family, correct nutrition and eating habits that will contribute to success in the classroom and on the field, making habits healthy and health choices, character building, and reaching other personal goals are also areas in which Elizabeth works with families.

When given the right tools and basics, Elizabeth stresses the positive impact being active and sports and athletics can have on children as they mature into adults. Her extensive background and experiences make her the ideal “coach” and support system for children, teens, competitive athletes and adults of all ages and athleticism. Sports and fitness (for fun and competition) played an integral role in shaping her character and success as an adult, and it is because of this that she desires to support other student-athletes and children in their attempt to reach their goals. As a young child, her sports included horseback riding and soccer and during adolescence she was a district ranked tennis player. In addition, she traveled the country for competitive, hockey, basketball and field hockey tournaments. As a senior, she was named an All-American Lacrosse athlete and continued on to Division 1 Lacrosse at Dartmouth College. She coached at the University of Virginia, Calhoun and Trinity Schools in NYC. She has worked at CBS Sports, following Golf, Tennis and the NFL in addition to working for ESPN International and Kaleidoscope Sports Marketing. She also worked at Kids In Sports, where she is the Director of Marketing & Sales and the Sport/Exercise Psychology Specialist; Friends Seminary as the Head of the P.E. department and she also worked at Avenues: The World School where she led the Movement and Wellness program while coaches middle school and high school sports.

Her undergraduate degree was completed at Dartmouth College in 2004;  she also holds graduate degrees from Harvard University and the University of Virginia. Today Elizabeth calls New York City home, but she was raised in Colorado. She is a marathon runner, continues to play golf and tennis and finds spinning, boxing, pilates and yoga great supplements to her active lifestyle. She is also a big fan of green juices, avocados and enjoys exploring new restaurants with her husband.