rebounding_line1I began rebounding about 9 years ago and became such a fan that I bought one for my apartment, for my parents home in Colorado, for my then boyfriend  (now husband), for my office and for my siblings’ places because I couldn’t miss a morning and felt that everyone could benefit from using one.

Urban Rebounding was invented by JB Berns and years ago I was lucky enough to take a few classes taught by him at Equinox. This is an aerobic and cardio workout without the stress on your joints but I used it not only as a workout but also as my morning meditation or a time to zone out and watch the news. I spend between 20-30 minutes daily (usually in the morning) on the urban rebounder sometimes simply bounding, sometimes a jog and sometimes creating my own workouts. I find not only did it lengthen my legs and tighten by glutes but also increased the stability in my abdominal muscles, made me stand taller and helped with my digestion as well as setting me up for a mindful day.

What is also great about this workout is that you can store it easily under your bed and its quiet enough that you can jump while watching the news or setting your daily intentions while others are sleeping in rooms next to you. (I don’t know if my roommates would have agreed, but they are still my friends so it couldn’t be that bad!)

I also have used it with my clients and athletes as a mindfulness and meditative activity (in the morning, after school before starting homework or at night to decompress) and also as a great hand-eye coordination assister. To help with this (for all sports and also to create a mind-body connection) see steps and activities below.

  1. I often have the athlete or client face a wall and have a tennis ball in their hand.
  2. Begin bouncing (or rebounding as JB Berns calls it) for about 5 minutes
  3. For 100 tosses, toss tennis ball up and down with your dominant hand keeping your eye on the ball
  4. Now, do 100 trying to look ahead (not at the ball)
  5. Switch hands and repeat
  6. Now try switching from one hand to the other for 100 tosses
  7. Now repeat the drills above but do it throwing the ball against the wall

8) Create your own exercises maybe rebounding on one leg doing the same thing. What else can you come up with?

These exercises will not only improve eye-hand coordination but will also increase your focus, mindfulness and ability to block out what is going on around you to be able to focus on the task at hand. I have found that some people are able to find solace in stillness and find that a great way to be meditative but others really need to move. This is a moving meditation that many people LOVE and are so grateful for as they know the benefits of taking time to be quiet and meditative but truly need the movement in their lives! As you probably have read but took me time to understand as I always wanted to do everything “right” meditation is different for everyone. Finding something that works for YOU and that you will stick with is better than doing what works for someone else and dreading it or not getting anything out of it. Give this a try if the stillness aspect has been giving you nightmares.

Benefits of Rebounding:

  1. Pushes muscles to fatigue without putting stress on your joints
  2. Increases blood flow and lymphatic-fluid circulation
  3. Strengthens abdomens
  4. Strengthens and lengthens legs
  5. Helps with weightless
  6. Increases bone density
  7. Decreases celulite
  8. improves posture and balance
  9. Helps with digestion (I love to do it in the morning!)

Remember, you can do this on your own while meditating or setting up daily intentions, you can do it while watching the news, talking on the phone or purchasing a video that can walk you through exercises.

Chlorophyll is a liquid I have been drinking nightly for years. Although the way I do it can leave your mouth a blue-ish green, I  find it palatable and the benefits exponential so it doesn’t bother me with my husband, or my old roommate remarks about my blue mouth.

Chlorophyll is a green substance that does not have much of a taste and is a great hea

A shot-a-day

A shot-a-day

lth supplement. It is found in green leafy vegetables and also green fruits (kiwi, etc..) Some research shows its effective in cancer prevention and weight loss which might be due to its effects on satiety. It has also been proven to help detox the body, help with the removal of germs and the ability stop the growth of new ones. It has also been proven to help with halitosis and who doesn’t want the security of knowing you have healthy breath!! There are a few companies who sell chlorophyll that is Mint flavored but I do not like the taste of those. I prefer this chlorophyll.

I have also found that chlorophyll helps with my digestion. Although my diet is relatively clean (I can always find improvements..) sometimes I need a little help with the elimination. This can happen more often while on a juice cleanse or eating extremely paleo or honestly, sometimes it can happen if you are not consuming enough water, after traveling on an airplane or without explanation. Sometimes instead of wracking my brain with the “how when why” I just concede to a shot or two of chlorophyll at night just to make sure.

There is also research on its ability to help with low iron levels. Instead of reaching for a pill or a more traditional method of increasing levels, I always try to try a more holistic approach (obviously with my doctors approval) and liquid chlorophyll has been a great help. Talk to your doctor about it!


At night take a gulp or two before brushing your teeth and heading to bed. I usually take my probiotic with it…

Other options for a less green mouth:

Mix 1-2 tbsp of fresh chlorophyll in a big glass of water before bedtime.


We have all read articles about the benefits of Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar. From many articles, doctors, friends and blogs that I have read, I have learned, there are not only external benefits but also internal benefits. If you are anything like me, herbs and too many vitamins tend to upset my stomach and make me nauseous. In many cases, I still follow doctor recommendations but to replace many of the herbs and vitamins I prefer to add whole food, juices and tonics to my diet. I feel better and truly believe they contribute to better absorption by my body.

For my body, the main benefits of aloe vera includes the detoxifying effects while aiding digestion (especially when taken on an empty stomach), helping with hair growth and hair health, and supporting the immune system. Also, I have found its extremely helpful for blemishes or cystic acne.

Some additional health benefits of apple cider vinegar for me have to do with its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, calm an upset tummy, help with indigestion (when ingested before a meal. I also believe apple cider vinegar can help aid in weight loss/weight management by suppressing appetite and helping with water retention. I believe it also helps with my energy levels. I enjoy it in the afternoon for an extra pep to my step! And, supposedly it helps with bad breath or after eating garlic and onions. (I don’t think I have a problem with bad breath but this certainly helps give me extra confidence!) A few holistic doctors have also mentioned the benefits apple cider vinegar as a face tonic to help clear up blemishes and cystic acne.

So, considering all these amazing benefits, I like to make an afternoon mixture that I call my afternoon Pick-Me-Up. I like to refer to it as, “Alocider-Tini.” I use cold water, a few ice cubes, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera. If I am in a huge rush, I just “take shots” of them but I prefer to mix it in water. Together, the flavors seem to balance each other out. When I have tried them separately in water, the taste can be a bit bitter and a little hard to get down. But, together I actually really enjoy it. It’s also a great way to get in that additional glass of water. Try mixing it in the morning with enough cold water so it will stay decently chilled and bringing it to work in a Bkr Bottle or Nalgene and before I reach for that afternoon cup of coffee or bag of chips, drink this! I promise you will not be sorry and your body will thank you!