Scrub a dub dub

Scrub a dub dub!


Scrub a dub dub! I love body brushing. I have been practicing this technique regularly now for the past 6 months and have become hooked and truly feel a difference in my body.  I was introduced to the practice a few years ago and was a bit skeptical and felt that the instructions were a bit too confusing and, as a result, did not really give it a full effort until the last couple of months. What I have found from using my body brush (and, after confirming my results with others online, through conversations with friends and other “wellness” oriented people will hopefully encourage you to give it a whirl. Below are some benefits (most of them confirmed from personal experience) and directions…


  1. Increases blood circulation
  2. Helps with bloating and water retention
  3. Reduces celulite
  4. Makes body smoother and also increases lotion absorption after application
  5. Helps with digestion especially when emphasis is given toward the stomach and side areas as well as your chest
  6. Helps shed dead skin cells and helps with skin rejuvenation and tone
  7. Helps with lymphatic drainage (which, truthfully seems to be such a broad phrase but basically means ridding the body of toxins and waste, mostly described by the benefits above)


Practice 3-5x a week before showering

  1. Most research suggests to body scrub first thing in the morning. I usually do it prior to showering which rarely happens in the morning… But, if you do practice in the morning, you will most likely get an energy surge

2) Start at the toes and work your way up the body always leading toward the heart. Many suggest 10-15 “brushes” on each area of the body, others tout to give your body a a 5 minute brush down. It depends for me- I usually go by how my body is feeling.

3) I spend a few extra minutes on areas that are prone to stretch marks. So, back of the legs/under the butt, sides of the thighs, stomach, side abdomen and belly.

4) When working on your belly and armpits, use a circular, clockwise motion (same direction as your digestion) so as to aid in one of the benefits- digestive health!

5) Whala! Now jump in that warm shower (I know, many say you should take a lukewarm shower, but I cant give up my extremely hot shower!) for a well deserved cleaning! **I usually find that when I exfoliate with a light cleanser in the shower, after body brushing, the exfoliating benefits are much more substantial.

Drink up!

drinkingwater Your aspiring athlete is on a roll. He has been taking the initiative and working on his own, focussing on his wall exercises, practicing with his coach and friends and is even getting enough sleep. He is taking time to watch his opponents, study their strengths and weaknesses, watch the pros play and has even started some visualization to give him a leg up for the mental side of the game. But, he seems to be lacking energy halfway through his lesson or match —even when practicing his wall ball activities.

So, lets talk about hydration. When our athletes get tired, the first thing that comes to mind is, “he or she isn’t eating enough.” That might be very well be the case, however we can’t forget about hydration; especially with the extreme activity levels that these athletes endure.

The recommended daily water intake for kids ages 5-8 is one liter, which is about 5 glasses of water; for 9-12 year olds, 1.5 liters and for 12 years and older, 2 liters, which is about 8-10 glasses. It does not seem like a lot but if we don’t get the water consumed early in the day, it is often too late to aid in hydration or help with energy levels, and unless we are really focused, we might totally forget!

So, just how do we get our kids to drink more water? Below are some suggestions for your athlete to help get water consumed early in the day and throughout. When children are away from caregivers, these suggestions can empower children to remain motivated in their hydration challenge.

  1. Drink water the moment you open your eyes. Have a glass, maybe even two by your athlete’s bed. Before they even get out of bed have them “chug” that water! Make it fun by selecting a cool Nalgene, sippy-cup or Bkr bottle which is so fun and colorful. Let them choose (online) which one fits them best!
  2. Before breakfast, have another glass. Children often model behavior so have a glass of water with them! This can be a great way to be a role model and you might not be getting enough either! That is already 3 glasses down before the day has started!
  3. Try to get in the majority of the water early in the day, before you are thirsty. Some specialists stress that if you become “parched” it is a little too late.
  4. Before practice, usually when you are on your way, make sure to drink another 8 oz glass or water bottle.
  5. During your match or practice see if you can be challenged by drinking at every side change or every ball pickup. Ask yourself mindful questions that make you in charge of your water consumption, such as, “ Do I feel like I had more energy than when I didn’t drink much? Could I have played longer if I had had to?”
  6. Use an app. There are many applications out there to remind kids to drink water! If kids do not have a phone, parents should set it on their phones and when the reminder goes off it’s water party time!
  7. Investing in a cool water bottle is another great idea. Going online or to a sports shop and finding one you’ll love and won’t mind taking with you is a great way to promote hydration and putting the water control in their power and is also a bit more eco-friendly than using plastic bottles.

What about the children that don’t like it, complain, and you feel like its worse than pulling teeth to get the water down? Empower them. Ask them about solutions. Could you cut the water with a little pure orange, cherry or apple juice? Or a sports drink? Too much sugar is not really beneficial, but adding a little flavor is no problem at all and with all of their activity, it can actually be helpful. After they get in the habit of it and see how their game responds when they are hydrated, less and less juice will be needed.

When kids head back to school, there is no reason to halt water intake. Continue with the morning routine and find a cool water bottle (that they pick! Again, check out Bkr, super cool!) and have them head off to school with it. Have them try to fill it up after every class, or have the younger ones see if they can drink 1 bottle before recess, another before lunch, and another before dismissal. Of course, it depends on the size of the bottle but there are some great kid-friendly and teenage friendly options.

Oh, and just a reminder: In the beginning, drinking water throughout the day might seem like a hassle, one more thing to think about. But like every routine, once you get into the swing of it, it will become second nature. And, just like you brush your teeth every morning, you will start to reach for that important (and refreshing!) glass of water!


We have all read articles about the benefits of Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar. From many articles, doctors, friends and blogs that I have read, I have learned, there are not only external benefits but also internal benefits. If you are anything like me, herbs and too many vitamins tend to upset my stomach and make me nauseous. In many cases, I still follow doctor recommendations but to replace many of the herbs and vitamins I prefer to add whole food, juices and tonics to my diet. I feel better and truly believe they contribute to better absorption by my body.

For my body, the main benefits of aloe vera includes the detoxifying effects while aiding digestion (especially when taken on an empty stomach), helping with hair growth and hair health, and supporting the immune system. Also, I have found its extremely helpful for blemishes or cystic acne.

Some additional health benefits of apple cider vinegar for me have to do with its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, calm an upset tummy, help with indigestion (when ingested before a meal. I also believe apple cider vinegar can help aid in weight loss/weight management by suppressing appetite and helping with water retention. I believe it also helps with my energy levels. I enjoy it in the afternoon for an extra pep to my step! And, supposedly it helps with bad breath or after eating garlic and onions. (I don’t think I have a problem with bad breath but this certainly helps give me extra confidence!) A few holistic doctors have also mentioned the benefits apple cider vinegar as a face tonic to help clear up blemishes and cystic acne.

So, considering all these amazing benefits, I like to make an afternoon mixture that I call my afternoon Pick-Me-Up. I like to refer to it as, “Alocider-Tini.” I use cold water, a few ice cubes, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera. If I am in a huge rush, I just “take shots” of them but I prefer to mix it in water. Together, the flavors seem to balance each other out. When I have tried them separately in water, the taste can be a bit bitter and a little hard to get down. But, together I actually really enjoy it. It’s also a great way to get in that additional glass of water. Try mixing it in the morning with enough cold water so it will stay decently chilled and bringing it to work in a Bkr Bottle or Nalgene and before I reach for that afternoon cup of coffee or bag of chips, drink this! I promise you will not be sorry and your body will thank you!